Unlock your customer
research super powers!

atomo helps product teams drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to conduct customer research so they can stay focused on solving problems, not shipping features.

Integrates with

How it works

atomo is web and mobile software that helps product teams optimize the most time consuming aspects of customer research.

  • Find the right people

    Recruit research participants in minutes, not days.

  • Insights research

    Find and code your themes to highlight the most important insights.

  • Product decisions

    Create compelling reports that drive product decisions.

Effortless Recruitment

With integrations into Salesforce and Hubspot, atomo allows product teams find exactly the right people to talk to in minutes, not days. Search based on user analytics in your product, as well as sales and customer success data to recruit quickly, with laser precision.

Find opportunities, fast!

atomo automatically organizes and converts your video and audio interviews into searchable transcripts so you can quickly find recurring themes and combine this data with quantitative analytics to find the opportunities with the biggest impact.

Communicate the voice of your customer, literally

Easily create engaging reports for your team that get read and listen tofs. It’s like having a podcast where the featured guest is your customer.