Find Product Market Fit, Fast!

atomo helps B2B Product teams conduct research through existing touch-points with customers. It's Simplified Customer Research for Startups.

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How it works

atomo is web and mobile software that helps product teams optimize the most time consuming aspects of customer research

  • Know Which Questions to Ask

    Use standardized questions to spot trends, fast

  • Get Automated Insights

    Automatically identify and surface answers to questions asked by your team

  • Make Better Product Decisions

    Share real customer conversations to drive better product decisions

Understand your customers unmet needs

atomo removes the guesswork from customer research by mapping each customer touch-point to a set of questions. Each question is designed to collect an intimate understanding of your customer and their changing needs.

Find opportunities, fast!

Leveraging machine learning, atomo automatically converts and organizes your video and audio conversations into searchable transcripts so you can quickly find recurring themes and combine this data with quantitative analytics to find the opportunities with the biggest impact.

Hear the voice of your customer, literally

As new customer conversations take place, atomo will automatically update the team with key nuggets of information tied to the topics your team cares about. It’s like having a podcast where the featured guest is your customer.